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I do really kinda want the gold one. I mean, why not, right?

I wonder what the real cost is of an Apple Keynote, given the millions of highly paid people sitting around watching a video instead of working, I say without thinking about what I'm doing currently.

Based on the leaks, i’ll be putting my money on a gold iPhone XS. Switching from a 7 Plus. I’d rather go back to the smaller pocket footprint of the ‘normal’ sized phone.

Ooh. New iPhone day tomorrow. Actually a bit excited to watch the keynote.

@indie I bought Better on iOS this morning and it’s crashing on launch. iOS12 Public Beta. Is this a known issue? Do I just need to hold tight until iOS12 proper is released?

Having been wiped out with a cold for two weeks I was looking forward to a ride with my cycling club this morning. Wet and windy though and nobody turned up. Didn’t fancy that on my own so came home to ride the rollers in my shed. Punctured a minute in on the rollers. No spare tubes that fit these wheels. Rubbish. Abandoned workout.

Yeah, I used to feel insulted by the term “mansplain” too. I got over it when I realized that we’re trained by school and society to do it, and if we don’t make the term specific to men, we’ll never fucking learn.

Do better, men.

It takes me 28 minutes to walk to CrossFit. It takes ~48 minutes to walk back.

Walking home from The CrossFit 📦 in a kind of spaces-out dizzy haze. Perhaps I hadn’t quite shifted that head cold.

Been wiped out for a week with a cold. Feeling like I’m back up to about 80% today so I’m going to workout 🏋️‍♀️. Kill or cure.

#PSA: Just noticed that Control, Anton Corbijn's wonderful Joy Division/Ian Curtis biopic is available on Amazon Prime. #recommended

I continue to assert that New York City should just be named New York, and New York (the state) should be named New Yorkshire

So... You mean a generation of people who've been raised to be in constant debt which they can never pay off and have trouble affording basic things like housing, food, and electricity are the same people who find socialism attractive over capitalism? Haha wow that's wild who knew?

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