Websites doing their best to hide the "log in" option and only showing the "sign up" option prominently is such a weird and bad UX development

All those shots are taken on an iPhone Xs, by the way. I decided to leave my ‘real’ camera at home and see how the new phone coped with unusual light conditions. It did pretty well, although the LED illumination seemed to mess with white-balance, so some of the colours represented aren’t accurate.

Is learning how to code a fundamental skill like reading and writing?

Or is it more like plumbing in that it is incredibly valuable to society but most people don’t need to understand it?

Or is it more like law where it’s good for kids to have a basic understanding of our legal system but they don’t really need any in-depth knowledge?

I can't wait for the historical documentaries that will be made about this current era of Western politics and the breakdown that it inevitably led to.

Instagram stories still feel like work instead of fun

Yeah. They haven’t turned up. Why do people do that? It’s just rude. I even texted to check if they were coming. No reply. I’m not that bothered about them not buying the thing they said they would, but it’s just rude not to turn up and not to at least text an apology.

Posted an ad on Gumtree. Someone’s coming to buy the thing, half an hour ago. I hate that.

My RaspberryPi Homebridge server that hooks my old Hue bridge and Energenie RF switches to Apple Home has been playing up for weeks which has meant actually turning on lights by hand! I just SSH’d on from my phone and fixed it. Vim and everything. I’m such a fucking nerd.

@pixelfed Any chance you could add an apple-touch-icon to ? It’d make it look dead pretty on my home screen with that new icon.

Drove home from The South this afternoon. 5hrs on the road. Stopped for a coffee after a couple of hours. I’m home now but I can’t currently envision a time when i’ll next be sleepy. 😬

Incidentally, the Instagram web app is great on iOS, and there’s no ads or ‘friend’ suggestions. Just your feed and stories.

Got sick of being paranoid about really specific targeted ads in Instagram for things I’ve only ever discussed in real life. I’ve switched off mic, camera and location access for the Instagram app in iOS. I’ve stopped using the app for everything but direct messages and I just use the Instagram web app for viewing and submitting photos. Looking forward to dropping it entirely though and moving to something like @pixelfed.

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