I do really kinda want the gold one. I mean, why not, right?


Although I still like the silver with the white back a lot. I’ve always gone for the black/grey option in the past but that’ll change this year.

@pete I ended up with a white/gold 7 Plus as an insurance replacement for a dropped black/grey one. It's made me significantly cooler. ;-)

@peteaylward I think I like the new gold sides but I’m not wowed by the champagne coloured back, where as every time I’ve seen a white/silver iPhone X in the shops in the last year I’ve been wowed by its gorgeousness. White this time for me I think.

@peteaylward I’ve had a champagne coloured phone before in ~2000. Loved it. Tiny little thing. Can’t find a photo of it.

@pete I miss the variety in phone shape and form.

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